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From:cshepard Date:August 31 1999 6:13am
Subject:Protocol, aka Courtesy
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Monty, developers, gurus, et. al.,

I've been lurking on this list for several months, and 
it's beyond my comprehension how all of you put up with
the idiotic posts to this list.  People don't read the
*excellent* documentation you've prepared.  They don't
know how to operate their own operating systems.  They
ask the very same questions that you answered the day

You guys are too damn nice, and I'm here to complain 
about it! :)  I'm tired of firing up my mail client
every morning and finding 200 messages, of which only
five or six deserve to be on the list.

I spoze you have some PR considerations that I'm not
aware of, but I really think you oughta just point
the clueless to the clues (i.e., the doc) and let'em
go finger it out.  90% of the stuff you answer is
clearly and obviously stated in the documentation.

How many times are you expected to answer the same
question?  How many times do I have to read the
same old things?

Everybody's a newbie to everything at first, and the
net is all about sharing information, and "those in
the know" impart their wisdom to the "know nots".
That's kewl.  That's the way it's supposed to work,
we've all been on both ends of the give and take,
but I don't see where you guys should have to waste 
your time explaining trivia that is not at all directly
germain to the rather advanced topic of MySQL per se.

There are newsgroups for "What is SQL?" and "What is PERL",
and "What is Windoze?" and "How do I turn my computer on?".

I hate to suggest it, but I really think you need to
take the stance of "moderated list" and shitcan all
the crap that people can EASILY find in your doc or 
any primer on SQL.

You gotta be tired of answering it.  Hell, I'm tired of reading it!

I lurked a good two months and learned all sorts of nifto stuff
before I ever posted a question.  Doesn't anybody know
what homework is anymore?

My two cents.  Shoot me. 

Chris Shepard - Unix Developer
Rocky Mountain Internet, Inc.
My opinions are mine, not those of my employer.

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