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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 30 1999 9:11am
Subject:flush-tables stomps on data?
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>>>>> "Ron" == Ron Brogden <rb@stripped> writes:

Ron> Howdy.  Hopefully someone can shed some light on the what exactly happened
Ron> in the following scenario.  

Ron> Recently one of my tables became corrupted and in the process of fixing it
Ron> my data was reset by about 10 days.  I am running Mysql version
Ron> 3.22.20a-log and after executing the command \mysql\bin\mysqladmin
Ron> flush-tables a bunch of the databases had their state (and file times) set
Ron> back 10 days.  This was not across the board however, some survived OK.
Ron> The other wrinkle is that the database directories are symbolic links to
Ron> real directories on other partitions.  This seems to work fine though as
Ron> all tables get updated properly and it has only been the flush command that
Ron> has caused any problems.

Ron> Is this a documentation problem (i.e. it is supposed to do that)?  What is
Ron> "flush-tables" supposed to do?  Is there anyway to recover the last 10 days
Ron> of data?  The logs show no mention of any troubles and I am now very
Ron> nervous using the under documented mysqladmin in case I cause any further
Ron> data loss.

Ron> Cheers,

Ron> Ron


The only thing that 'flush tables' does it that it forces MySQL will close all
files.  There is also NOTHING in the MySQL code that modifies file times.

Are you sure no one has installed a backup of your data?
(I am 99 % sure that the above has nothing to do with any flush command).

Linked tables should work fine..

flush-tables stomps on data?Ron Brogden29 Mar
  • flush-tables stomps on data?Michael Widenius30 Mar