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From:Aldrian Gintingsuka Date:August 31 1999 4:04am
Subject:Re: Where are the man pages?
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The docs are in the release distribution (source) under directory docs. I do
agree with Urb that the HTML version of the docs (including the small images)
should be available by themselves in some .tgz format to allow users or
would-be users to download the docs without downloading the whole source code.

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On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Urb LeJeune wrote:

urb> >OTOH, maybe y'all should bundle up (.tgz?) the latest HTML doc
urb> >and ship it along with the release distributions?
urb> 	I think this is a great idea and also thing the HTML pages should 
urb> be available for downloading all by themself. It would take a lot of traffic
urb> of the main site and make lookups substantially faster running from your 
urb> local computer.
urb> Urb

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