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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 31 1999 1:17am
Subject:Where are the man pages?
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>>>>> "Larry" == Larry Breyer <t_lbreye@stripped> writes:

Larry> I just installed the current release of MySQL.
Larry> I see one man page, mysql(1), whose SEE ALSO section shows ...

Larry>   SEE ALSO
Larry>      isamchk (1), isamlog (1), mysqlaccess (1),  mysqladmin  (1),
Larry>      mysqlbug  (1),  mysqld  (1),  mysqldump  (1), mysqlshow (1),
Larry>      msql2mysql (1), ..., replace  (1),  safe_mysqld  (1),
Larry>      which1 (1), zap (1),

Larry> ... Where are these man pages?

Larry> Thanks!
Larry> -- 
Larry> Larry Breyer           
Larry> t_lbreye@stripped
Larry> 858.651.6697


They are floating in the void waiting to be written...

(Sorry, but we have more than enough to do to keep the MySQL manual up 
to date.  If anyone is interested in helping us with this, just mail

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