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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 31 1999 12:09am
Subject:Different Files Extentions
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>>>>> "Geocrawler" == Geocrawler com <archiver@stripped>
> writes:

Geocrawler> This message was sent from by "Robert Castley"
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Geocrawler> Be sure to reply to that address.

Geocrawler> I may have missed the boat, but is there any
Geocrawler> reason why when using 3.23-2alpha of MySQL
Geocrawler> the file extensions have changed.  In earlier
Geocrawler> versions the extensions were :-

Geocrawler> .ISD
Geocrawler> .ISM
Geocrawler> .frm

Geocrawler> and now they are :-

Geocrawler> .MYD
Geocrawler> .MYI
Geocrawler> .frm

Geocrawler> I noticed this when I tried to run 'isamchk'.

Geocrawler> Thanks in advance,

Geocrawler> Robert


The reason was that the file format has changes.  .ISM and .ISD are
ISAM files while .MYD and .MYI are binary portable MyISAM files.
You should use 'myisamchk *.MYI to check MyISAM files.
(Unfortunately myisamchk was left out from the binary rpm release. If
you need this on Linux you have to compile the source RPM)

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