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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 30 1999 10:16pm
Subject:RE: Repost: Statistics software
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>>>>> "Foley," == Foley, John <John.Foley@stripped> writes:

Foley,> 	We are using Hertzler Systems' Statistics package, which uses a
Foley,> btrieve datasource (file-client) as it's preferred database, but has the
Foley,> ability to
Foley,> use Oracle and (I believe) Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase.

Foley,> 	I pose a question to the group: As Hertzler sends SQL commands to 
Foley,> the database for create table and other administrative functionality, is
Foley,> MySQL's
Foley,> SQL 92 implementation sufficiently clost to Oracle that I can blindside the
Foley,> client
Foley,> and sneak a (batter faster cheaper) _preferred_ database behind it? (I know,
Foley,> this
Foley,> is a very open ended question, and I intend to play with it as time allows,
Foley,> but
Foley,> probably not this year.)

Foley,> 	John T. Foley
Foley,> 	Network Administrator
Foley,> 	Pollak Engineered Products, Actuator Products Division
Foley,> 	195 Freeport Street
Foley,> 	Boston, MA 02122
Foley,> 	ph:617-474-7266       fax:617-282-9058


MySQL follows the ANSI SQL create statement very closely (but with a
lot of extra functionality), so this shouldn't be a problem for you.

MySQL SQL syntax is more like Sybase than Oracle (even if we support
some Oracle commands) as Oracle isn't following ANSI SQL that good.

In many applications that doesn't use SUBSELECT, ROLLBACK or VIEW:s,
it should be relatively easy to substitute MySQL with Sybase or

(We are also working on fixing the above issues)

You can find a feature-comparison of the above databases at.

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