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From:Roger Baklund Date:August 21 2002 3:41pm
Subject:Re: max_allowed_packet (was: Re: 4.0.x bug with LONGTEXT?)
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* Victoria Reznichenko
> RB> 3) How can the server know that the max_allowed_packet for
> RB> _this_ connection
> RB> (the UPDATE'ing connection) isn't smaller than the
> RB> max_allowed_packet value
> RB> for a future SELECT connection? (I could do the UPDATE ...
> RB> CONCAT(... with
> RB> max_allowed_packet=1M, and later do selects with
> RB> max_allowed_packet=16M)
> Roger, there is no max_allowed_packet for connection. There are
> max_allowed_packet for the server and max_allowed_packet for the
> client.

Maybe I didn't explain very well... :)

I meant "the client-side max_allowed_packet setting for the connection"

> You can't insert data (and have result string) bigger than
> max_allowed_packet on the server

ok, I see... it is the server-side max_allowed_packet that will prevent
updating the column to anything bigger than the current value, not the
client-side... This means if you have a server-side setting of 1M, you can
not insert (or update) 2M in a MEDIUMBLOB field, even if the client use

> and can't retrieve data on the client bigger than
> value of the client max_allowed_packet.

...but you can retrieve data bigger than the server-side max_allowed_packet
setting? (Only client-side setting matters for retrieving, only server-side
setting matters for storing?)

Thanks. :)


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