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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 30 1999 11:45pm
Subject:Root problem
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>>>>> "slinco01" == slinco01  <slinco01@stripped>
> writes:

slinco01> Afternoon All,
slinco01> I recently installed Mysql and Mysql client.  I am running Linux Mandrake
slinco01> 6.0 and need Mysql for an mp3 based remote administration program.
slinco01> Basically,  I am settin up an old pentium 120 to serve as a multimedia mp3
slinco01> player for my stereo system,  to be remote controlled by other computers.

slinco01> After installing Mysql server,  it told me set the root password.  Now I
slinco01> like to use caps and no caps and weird chars for passwords,  but I think
slinco01> my password that I used messed up everything.  I cannot login as root w/
slinco01> the password I thought I had given root.  

slinco01> So I uninstalled and reinstalled the RPM's but I must guess that it
slinco01> vleaves config file somewhere.  

slinco01> So My question is,  how do I completely remove it and start from scratch,
slinco01> or how do I set up root's passwd.  I have tried killing mysqld and then
slinco01> running it w/ the -Sg option.  No luck though, this time it says I do not
slinco01> have the privileges to change others.  W/out the -Sg it says access denied
slinco01> for root@localhost (password=NO).


Starting mysqld with -Sg should be enough.
You can also uninstall the MySQL rpm and then install it again.
Another option is to remove the mysql/user table and then run
the mysql_install_db script.

What error messages did you get?

You can find information how to do a correct bug report at:

PLEASE read the above before reposting your question, this will save us all
a lot of time!


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