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From:Victoria Reznichenko Date:August 21 2002 2:40pm
Subject:Re: Re: max_allowed_packet (was: Re: 4.0.x bug with LONGTEXT?)
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Tuesday, August 20, 2002, 5:34:25 PM, you wrote:

RB> Maybe... :)

RB> On the other hand:

RB> 1) The documentation on max_allowed_packet talks only about transferring
RB> data, not storing. (This should be easy to fix.)


RB> 2) The mere existence of LONGBLOB and LONGTEXT suggests that fields of this
RB> size could be inserted in a table. Again, a warning in the docs could be
RB> very helpfull, but imo the types should not even be there, if they can not
RB> be utilized.

As you wrote below, it has been changed in 4.0

RB> 3) How can the server know that the max_allowed_packet for _this_ connection
RB> (the UPDATE'ing connection) isn't smaller than the max_allowed_packet value
RB> for a future SELECT connection? (I could do the UPDATE ... CONCAT(... with
RB> max_allowed_packet=1M, and later do selects with max_allowed_packet=16M)

Roger, there is no max_allowed_packet for connection. There are
max_allowed_packet for the server and max_allowed_packet for the
client. You can't insert data (and have result string) bigger than
max_allowed_packet on the server and can't retrieve data on the client bigger than
value of the client max_allowed_packet.

RB> 4) We can of course insert more rows in a table than would be allowed to
RB> receive with a single select statement, this is not an argument to prohibit
RB> many _rows_ in a table. It's not the exact same thing, but I think it is
RB> similar. I would prefer if mysql was not 'baby-sitting' for me... :)

RB> 5) It could be usefull in some cases, for instance when you store large xml
RB> documents, you can extract relevant parts of the column, so that the packet
RB> transferred to the client is smaller than max_allowed_packet.

RB> The upper limit for max_allowed_packet has been lifted in 4.0.x, so this
RB> will probably not be a problem in the future, but the docs should mention
RB> this limitation for 3.23.

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