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From:Gerald Clark Date:August 21 2002 1:34pm
Subject:Re: Privileges and Access Control
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You seem to havew a leading space in your newuser account.

Juri Nysschen wrote:

>I have a problem with privileges on MySql NT 3.23.52. I hope that someone
>can provide me with a solution.
>If a user has USAGE privileges on the mysql db (*.*), and ALL privileges on
>another db (CUSTOMDB) in the system, that user can't login nor can they
>access the CUSTOMDB. The error reported is: "you have no access to database
>CUSTOMDB". Yet, according to the documentation, this user setup is valid.
>The Sql Statements are:
>GRANT USAGE  on *.* to newuser identified by password 'mypassword'
>GRANT ALL on CUSTOMDB to newuser
>SHOW GRANTS for newuser
>GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO ' newuser'@'%'
>The purpose of this user setup is to prevent access to the mysql.user table,
>should the login be compromised.
>Juri Nysschen
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Privileges and Access ControlJuri Nysschen21 Aug
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