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From:Gerald Clark Date:August 20 2002 4:52pm
Subject:Re: encrypted data ?
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You are displaying your strings in hexadecimal format.

Sergio Barbosa Villas-Boas wrote:

>Hi, all
>I need help on this.
>I'm testing mysql.
>I did a very simple table and I'm writing a C++ application to read data
>from it.
>The connection/authentication/query part of the application seems to work
>However, the text data I'm getting from the database seems encrypted by some
>simple algorithm.
>If I see the data from mysql console, I get it right.
>But if I read from my application and place it to the console, I get it
>like shown below.
>(in mysql) => (read from application)
>"Rio"  => "53722e"
>"Rio2" => "53722e32"
>"Rio3" => "53722e33"
>I suspect that there's some kind of command that if placed at mysql console
>solve the problem.
>Any help will be appreciated (to me or to this list).
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