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From:Fred Read Date:March 30 1999 10:35am
Subject:Support (Was: Linux Threads and socket options)
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Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Chris" == Chris Wilson <cmw32@stripped> writes:
> Chris> Hi,
> Chris> I don't really know who to ask on this one, because 
> Chris> mysql is unsupported (obviously, as free software), 
> Chris> but maybe someone on this list can tell me, or at
> Chris> least point me in the right direction.
> I first want to clear up one thing;  MySQL is not unsupported !
> TCX provides commerical support to MySQL.

I would like to add my support to the above and to add the 
following points:

  * Even without commercial support you will find this list 
    offers a very high degree of very professional support 
    available to all users of MySQL.

  * Turnaround time for problems [on this list] ranges from 
    minutes to hours - you could spend that amount of time 
    waiting for a "professional" support line to be answered...

  * Just because you pay for something doesn't mean it is 
    Have you EVER called the Microsoft Technical Support 
    hot line? 
    My personal experience was several "intellectually 
    challenged" people who appeared to be following a "how 
    to handle a support call" script and, at best, offered 
    to thumb through the manuals for me - as if I hadn't 
    done that already.

Thank you Monty, Sinisa, Paul, Fred et al [apologies for any 
omissions] for a wonderful product and thanks to everyone on 
the list for your professional support.

If it ain't opinionated, it ain't Rich Teer.
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