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From:Chris Knipe Date:August 18 2002 10:05pm
Subject:Re: Another one on lost connections( using web interface)
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PHP's more than likely just loosing persistent connections to the DB.

It's a coding thing I think... You need to call mysql_connect() on every
page where you need to use the database, even if you use mysql_pconnect().

If there's a mysql specific error, I think MySQL would most definitely write
something to the error log...

Tweaking your my.cnf and php.ini may also help you cause here...


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Subject: Another one on lost connections( using web interface)

> I also have a problem with lost connections.
> I have small mysql database (version 3.23.49 on FreeBSD 4.5)
> I have created a website interface to enter and retrieve data.
> I used ASP to do this. Sometimes when I go to the website
> I get the error "can't connect or lost connection to server."
> The mysql install has been done with default settings and
> There are never more than 2 people using the database at the same time.
> I also created a PHP interface to the database and I received the same
> The error does not occur all the time and when it occurs it goes away by
refreshing the web browser.
> I never have any problems when working on the mysql server from the
command line.
> Any ideas?
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