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From:Michael Bacarella Date:August 18 2002 7:01am
Subject:Re: Displaying the real thread PIDs.
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On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 02:32:39AM -0400, Reid Sutherland wrote:
> 'processlist' displays the current list of mysql threads as seen by mysql.  
> I'm looking for that same list but in real thread PID form.  Right now I 
> need to be able to tell which thread is which at a system level.  Then I'm 
> able to send a SIGKILL to some problem threads. 
> Is there a way to get a _real_ PID list from mysql that will display all the 
> same things as 'processlist'? 

That is most likely a bad idea. I'm wagering MySQL's thread killing
is cooperative, that is, it probably checks during each phase of processing
whether or not it has been killed, and if it has, to safely clean up.

Forcibly terminating a thread where it has no choice will not
allow cleanup routines to run, which could cause undefined behavior
or at the very least resource leakage.

These are just guesses though.

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