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From:Amit Lonkar Date:August 17 2002 5:08am
Subject:Query problem
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Hi all
Does mysql support simple joins?

I am trying to run the following query:-

select red,green,blue from colorchanger where
colorcode = select value from jobattributekit where
attributekit = "Color" and jobnumber =
"28200124RB4-001" and scenario="JN75K";

ColorChanger Table:-
ColorCode  Color    Red    Green    Blue
STB        BLUE      58     110      165

Jobnumber         Attributekit    Value    Scenario
28200124RB4-001     Color          STB       JN75K 

The error that it gives is :-
ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near
'select value from jobattr
ibutekit where attributekit = "Color" and jobnumber =
"' at line 1



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