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From:mos Date:August 16 2002 9:11pm
Subject:Re: Persisten Connections
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At 08:40 AM 8/14/2002, you wrote:
>I am running a website which generates around 100,000 pageviews a day and I
>am wondering if I stop using persistent conections to the MySQL database and
>normal open and close conections this would reduce the load onto my server?
>Most conections are either made through my "main" file or the phorum message
>board system.
>Thanks in advance
>John Wards

         There are other ways to speed up your PHP application besides 
(not) using persistent connections. Take a look at for some ideas. :)


I would certainly like to see a benchmark that shows "when" persistent 
connections work for MySQL.  If it were graphed properly, perhaps with 
session_timeout vs memory/cpu and is plotting pages/second, we could figure 
out if persistent connections would benefit our particular application with 
the hardware we're using.  I think there are too many variables to say "yes 
it works", or "no it doesn't" in all cases. By graphing it,  we'd get a 
better understanding of how database performance is affected by persistent 
connections vs hardware (# CPU's & memory).

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