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From:Steve Orr Date:August 16 2002 6:19pm
Subject:RE: Persisten Connections
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> I profiled my PHP app with a debugger
A single session and a few queries does not make a very good test. The
reason for persistent connections is to scale web apps to handle intense
multi-user activity like 1000 queries per second or 100's or even 1000's of
concurrent database connections. Do a for..loop that launches 1000 *nix
background processes each of which has a suite of queries with slightly
different values in the where clause. You need to look at overall
performance of the database server and its ability to handle the load of
many concurrent users using different connection and/or programming
techniques. The best implementation I've seen is where the connection
pooling function was written in C in a 3 tier architecture having a web
server, a db server, and an application server where the connection pooling
was done... VERY scalable, just like the fish I like to catch.

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Subject: Re: Persisten Connections

At 08:40 AM 8/14/2002, you wrote:
>I am running a website which generates around 100,000 pageviews a day and I
>am wondering if I stop using persistent conections to the MySQL database
>normal open and close conections this would reduce the load onto my server?
>Most conections are either made through my "main" file or the phorum
>board system.
>Thanks in advance
>John Wards

         I profiled my PHP app with a debugger and discovered connecting to 
MySQL 4.x with persistent connections actually took 50% longer than 
non-persistent connections. (It added an extra 80ms to connect). So I don't 
see why persistent connections is useful at all with MySQL.


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