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From:speters Date:August 16 2002 12:38am
Subject:InnoDB and disk geometry
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A problem I have with InnoDB tables, which forced me to use MyISAM tables in
a recent project, is as follows:

(I am running MySQL on Solaris, not that it matters much for this problem.)

With MyISAM tables, I can easily get different databases to reside on
separate physical drives.

The base directory for database files is /var/mysql/
Then I mounted a drive at  /var/mysql/db_a
and another at /var/mysql/db_b

for instance. Then databases by the names "db_a" and "db_b" reside on
different physical drives.

But with InnoDB, you specify a tablespace file(s) and then the database you
create go into
those files. I cant figure out any reasonable way to tie specific databases
to specific drives,
except by running a mysqld server for each drive I want a database on.
For large databases, proper planning of disk geometry can have a significant
on performance. I very much like InnoDB, but can't seem to get around this

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

sean peters

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