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From:Ray da Costa Date:August 16 2002 12:17pm
Subject:RES: Mysql database permissions questions
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Expensive colleagues, all good!  I am here in the Brazil!  I need an aid to
have access the MySql saw net local!  Or either, I have the MySql in a
machine and want to share the bank with my fellow workers, Has that to be he
saw MyOdbc?  Command of line?  I am making in Java and using the JDBC.  

Ass.:  RaydaCosta

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De: Paras pradhan [mailto:pparas@stripped]
Enviada em: Sexta-feira, 16 de Agosto de 2002 09:08
Para: mysql@stripped
Assunto: Mysql database permissions questions

hi all 

when i connect to my mysql database server using 


mysql -h a.b.c.d -u xyz -pmypass 

It logs on and it's fine and in mysql shell when i do "use mysql" then it is

allowing me to acess the mysql default "mysql" database. i dunn't want this.

when i type "use mysql" then it sud say access denied to user xyz@stripped 
and xyz can only use the allowed database.
help ! 


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RES: Mysql database permissions questionsRay da Costa16 Aug