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From:Fred Read Date:March 30 1999 8:25am
Subject:Re: Using unique, and using auto_increment
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John Taylor wrote:
> I have 2 questions, that did not seem to be answered in the 
> mysql manual.

Really? I managed to find them in there...

> ...
> This causes a problem, because Number is unique.  Is there a 
> way to group Year and Number to make one unique entity? 
> So that it checks H99-1234 and H00-1234?

See "" for 
details on how to create a multi-part index.

> Also, it would be nice to use the AUTO_INCREMENT feature for 
> Number.  How is this used?  What is the syntax, for an INSERT 
> and for an UPDATE statement?

See "" for 
details of this.

MySQL has one of the best manuals I have seen for ANY software
product I have ever used and that includes commercial software 
costing tens of thousands of pounds. I *always* have a browser 
window open to the MySQL manual [see footer below] and find it 
invaluable. Congratulations must go to all those who wrote it; 

    David Axmark, 
    Michael (Monty) Widenius, 
    Paul DuBois
    Kim Aldale

Well Done!

If it ain't opinionated, it ain't Rich Teer.
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