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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 29 1999 10:11pm
Subject:Re: Adding & delete across 2 tables
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On Sun, 1999-08-29 14:27:14 -0700, ma lata wrote:
> CREATE TABLE customer_table (
> CREATE TABLE order_table (
> i can't found any documentation that indicated how to use INSERT
> INTO / DELETE across the 2 tables on the web.  (Note: the html form
> required the customer to enter CUSTOMER_NAME, CUSTOMER_ADDRESS,
> Is this the above database structure ok enough to implement this
> task??

Yes, I think the db scheme is fine.

You don't need to do everything in a single SQL query!
Just do two seperate INSERTs, one for each table.

Of course you only should insert a new customer into your database,
if she's not already stored.
For a new inserted customer you have to retrieve the automatically
created customer_id, so you can do the second INSERT for the order.

Alltogether this looks like this:

  If new customer,
     then we have to store him first:
        INSERT INTO customer_table
               VALUES (NULL, 'Martin Ramsch', 'my address','my phone');
     Note: the newly created customer_id now can be accessed
     with LAST_INSERT_ID().  So let's get this number:

  If old customer,
     then we already know his customer_id
     (looked up in the db, or input by user), e.g. 42.

  And now insert the order:
        INSERT INTO order_table
               VALUES (NULL, 42, 'coffee mug', 1);

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