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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 13 2002 10:49pm
Subject:Re: Msql-Mysql-modules vs. DBD-mysql?
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At 15:14 -0400 8/13/02, Don wrote:
>Hello [help],
>I installed DBD-mysql-2.1017 today and I started getting errors regarding,
> and lost my ability to connect to MySQL via Perl, the error
>returned was;
>fatal relocation error: file
>symbols mysql_init: referenced symbol not found
>Then I reinstalled Msql-Mysql-modules, which wrote over and fixed
>the errors allowing me to connect again.  FYI, I happen to be using an older
>version of MySQL, version 3.21.33b.
>I would like to know why installing DBD-mysql ended up breaking my ability
>to connect...? Any ideas?
>Also, if Msql-Mysql-modules works, why is there a need for the other module
>I installed the DBD-mysql because I was installing bugzilla and it was a
>What is the difference between the 2 modules, Msql-Mysql-modules and

Msql-Mysql-modules is the old name for what is now DBD::mysql.  The
latter is essentially the former with a new name.  All current development
takes place with DBD::mysql.  Not sure why you got the error that you did,
though.  Possibly your version of MySQL is simply too old for it, though
I doubt it.

>Are they interchangable?
>Thank you,

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