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From:Gerald Clark Date:August 13 2002 8:06pm
Subject:Re: Lock Tables Bug
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It is not a bug.
As soon as Computer1 releases the lock,
Computer2 will have its query processed.
Never write a program that keeps a lock for more than a few miliseconds.

Eric Cotting wrote:

> MYSQL Server: 3.23.49a-log
> MYSQL Client: 3.23.3 alpha
> MYSQLGUI: 1.7.5
> Operating System: Windows NT, Windows 2000
> When I place a table lock on a table with one computer and issue a 
> query on another while the lock is in affect, the computer that issues 
> the query halts execution of the query with no error message or 
> trace.  I have tired this both in by VB6 application and using the 
> MYSQLGui.  I have tried to test the data base for the presence of a 
> lock by issuing the SHOW TABLE STATUS command.  This aslo halted my 
> MYSQLGUI.  Is this a known bug or is there any way to determine if a 
> table has been locked without encountering the bug? 
> Computer 1 :LOCK TABLES Customer_IDs WRITE
> Computer 2: SELECT * FROM Customer_IDs                                 
> Halted Program
> Computer 2: SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM Customer                 Halted 
> Program
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