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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 29 1999 9:17pm
Subject:join / straight_join etc. questions
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>>>>> "Sebastian" == Sebastian Hoffmann <sebhoff@stripped>
> writes:

Sebastian> Dear everybody,
Sebastian> I'm having some problems with query optimization and suppose that I'm 
Sebastian> missing out on something important. I know next to nothing about 
Sebastian> different ways to join tables for queries and those parts of the 
Sebastian> manual I've read haven't enlightened me too much....
Sebastian> I am running mysql 3.21.25-gamma.


Sebastian> ------------+------+------------+
Sebastian> | table                   | type | possible_keys | key  | key_len | 
Sebastian> ref           | rows | Extra      |
Sebastian> +-------------------------+------+---------------+------+---------+--- 
Sebastian> ------------+------+------------+
Sebastian> | speakers                | ALL  | spid          | NULL |    NULL | 
Sebastian> NULL          | 5547 | where used |
Sebastian> | 935949744_sebhofft_stat | ref  | spid          | spid |      20 | 
Sebastian> speakers.spid |   10 |            |
Sebastian> +-------------------------+------+---------------+------+---------+--- 
Sebastian> ------------+------+------------+
Sebastian> 2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Sebastian> The problem is that I've had some strange behaviour with these 
Sebastian> queries when I need them again later (mysql is writing to a tmp-table 
Sebastian> for hours) so I would like to get rid of the STRAIGHT_JOIN if 
Sebastian> possible. Is there any way to do this??

Sebastian> Any help is greatly appreciated.
Sebastian> Best,
Sebastian> Sebastian Hoffmann



isamchk -a */*.ISM
mysqladmin flush-tables

and try again.

If this will not help, you have to wait until 3.23 is stable;  3.23
holds statistic information per key part while 3.22 only holds
statistic per whole key.

join / straight_join etc. questionsSebastian Hoffmann29 Aug
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