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From:Dan Nelson Date:August 12 2002 2:19am
Subject:Re: Query problem/mysql
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In the last episode (Aug 12), duo fu said:
> I have just created a small web site with php/mysql. I do a query
> into one of my tables whose ".MYI=338K " and ".MYD=7.6M". I could
> only retrieve some part of the data and then the browser just died
> there. My query is " select * from Forces". The primary key is
> combination of several fields. Table Force has 132 fields. Its size
> reaches 20 MB. How can I solve the problem? Will adding an index
> help? I am just intending to print out the whole table.

"The browser just died there"?  My guess is it crashed trying to
display the ~60MB html page required to display 20MB worth of data. 
How much memory do you have in the PC you're running the browser on?

	Dan Nelson
Query problem/mysqlduo fu12 Aug
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