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From:Gina Han Date:August 10 2002 12:21am
Subject:Need a Web-based report writer
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Can anyone recommend a Web-based report writer that works with MySQL?

Other conditions:
- free or low cost (we're a 501c3 nonprofit)
- basic:  no need for charts or graphics -- something formatted in columns
and can be exported for Excel would be great.  They'll be used internally
only -- not for public consumption.
- can connect locally to our MySQL database (we're using shared Web hosting
right now that doesn't allow remote access)
- want something written in PERL or PHP
- Web-based (all staff telecommute so we need to design & view reports
- has a GUI as these reports will be designed & viewed by "marketing"
- not looking for a DBA-type tool (we're using PHPMyAdmin for that)
- we do not have an application server -- just a shared Web server

These reports range from the basic (e.g. showing lists of volunteers) to
reports with calculations (counts, averages, sorts) for certain periods of
time (daily, weekly, monthly).

Thanks very much,
Gina Han

Need a Web-based report writerGina Han10 Aug