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From:OTR Comm Date:August 9 2002 9:43pm
Subject:Replication Question
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I am using mysql-3.23.39

I just got replication running between a Master and Slave.  I read about
log-slave-updates and chaining slaves together:

A -> B -> C -> A

Does this mean that if I add info to slave 'B' then slave 'A' is also
updated?  If so, how does the master get updated?

I read that the replication in MySQL is 'one-way', from master to slave,
how does this slave chaining work?

The main question here is, if I add data to a slave machine, is it
possible to update the master?  If so, how is this done?

I wanted to keep data between several machines synchronized, but each
machine will be updating the data. Can I do this by chaining hese
machines together as slaves?  If so, how do I do this?


Murrah Boswell
Replication QuestionOTR Comm10 Aug