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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 29 1999 5:36pm
Subject:Table corrupted Cannot REPAIR!
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>>>>> "Christos" == Christos J Pontikis <pontikis@stripped>
> writes:

Christos> Hello
Christos> I have a table named 'content' keeping parafraph text of some articles. 
Christos> Suddenly I get the message

mysql> select id,article_id,p_order from content;
Christos> ERROR 1030: Got error 127 from table handler
mysql> delete from content;

Christos> I do have backup.
Christos> I cannot repair using manual instructions...

Christos> Any ideas ???


Christos> Part 3:; Hard repair. 
Christos> [root@cosmos care]# isamchk -r -q content.ISM
Christos> - check delete-chain
Christos> - recovering ISAM-table 'content.ISM'
Christos> Data records: 0
Christos> - Fixing index 1
Christos> Found block with impossible length 6221715 at 3629; Skipped
Christos> ISAM-table 'content.ISM' is not fixed because of errors


The -q  (--quick) option means that isamchk is not allowed to change
the data file.


run isamchk without -q

Table corrupted Cannot REPAIR!Christos J. Pontikis29 Aug
  • Table corrupted Cannot REPAIR!Michael Widenius29 Aug