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From:Bryan Hodgson Date:August 8 2002 9:36pm
Subject:RE: Which binary fro which platforms?
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As regards the HP part of your question:

The 'hppa1' part of the package name is a reference to the processor
architecture.  PA2 machines will run PA1 code unchanged (in theory); the
reverse is not true.  HPUX 10.20 is a 32-bit release.  Although you can
install a 32-bit version of HPUX 11, most v11 installations are 64-bit, but
will run 32-bit apps without complaint.  Which shouldn't be an issue for you
in this case, as the packages would seem to be 32-bit.

Short version: the hp 10.20 package would appear to the lowest common

You might also check the HP porting and archive center (
for an swinstall-able package.  Your customers will appreciate the ability
to cleanly remove your software when they're done with it. is a good source for Sun binaries.
for AIX packages.

HTH.  Good luck.

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Subject: Which binary fro which platforms?

I have a product for which I would like to use mySql to hold information
used in a product demonstration. The product runs on Windows, HP, Solaris
and AIX. The demonstration (and the mySql database) will be distributed
with the product.

I am trying to determine the correct binary distribution of mySql to
distribute to end users. I would like to use stable releases only, in
binary format. For Windows, the correct release is pretty clear. However,
say a customer has HP 11.x. The "current stable release" on is
for hp 10.20 (mysql-3.23.51-hp-hpux10.20-hppa1); there is a release on
sourceforge for hp 11.0 (mysql-hpux-11.0-hppa2), but is that considered
stable? If not, can they use the binary for 10.20 instead? What if the
customer later upgrades to a newer version of HP - must they then use a
different version of the binary? Similar question pertain to Solaris
(currently 2.8) and AIX (currently 4.3).

Thanks for any pointers.

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