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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 29 1999 3:53pm
Subject:time out question
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>>>>> "Luigi" == Luigi Giacobbe <lgiacobbe@stripped> writes:

Luigi> hi,
Luigi> I am writing a redirector for squid (Proxy) and use mysql to decide if a
Luigi> site is banned or not.
Luigi> First results are very good but ... I have a little problem.

Luigi> When the redirector is started, the DB connexion is made and it runs in a
Luigi> loop.   All fine !
Luigi> But ....  the db connexion has a time out that is possible to tune with
Luigi> wait_timeout parameter (if I understood well).
Luigi> And the redirector should never be disconnected from DB except if there is a
Luigi> problem.
Luigi> I experimented the mysql_ping function but the results are bad !

Luigi> How does the client see that the connexion is broken ?
Luigi> Is the wait_timeout parameter is passed to the client when the connexion is
Luigi> made ?
Luigi> So my interest is to set a very very short timeout
Luigi> If the connexion is broken, the client must see that very quickly
Luigi> Any suggestion ?


Why didn't mysql_ping work for you!


PS: Please use the mysqlbug script when posting questions!
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