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From:Dan Nelson Date:August 8 2002 5:05am
Subject:Re: Data Replication in MySQL 3.22.25-log
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In the last episode (Aug 08), Anand Kapoor said:
> i have a MySQL Database (3.22.25-log) in Linux Red Hat 6.0 (Hedwig)
> environment. The db is contantly under .tremeondous load ..
> frequently crashes. Am new to mysql administration .. and am given to
> understand that there are no replication tools avalible for this
> version. Is there anyway i could replicate this database in a similar
> environment ( the OS - RH cud upgrade though) .. in REAL TIME ( the
> database is that crucial and poorly designed .:-( .. )

You could try upgrading to 3.22.32, but even that version is over 2
years old.  Consider upgrading to 3.23.51 and moving your tables to
MyISAM or InnoDB.  Both are faster than the ISAM format 3.22 used.

	Dan Nelson
Data Replication in MySQL 3.22.25-logAnand Kapoor8 Aug
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