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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 7 2002 3:33pm
Subject:Re: Apache + PHP + MySQL on Mac OSX
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At 17:19 +0200 8/7/02, Pierre Vaudrey wrote:
>Perhaps I'm offtopics , but I would know if it's possible in case of 
>use of MySQL with PHP & Apache , mysql.sock has the same directory 
>location as MySQL without web server ?
>/Private/tmp/mysql.sock versus /tmp/mysql.sock
>I had the following error :
>Warning:  Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket 
>'/Private/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) in /Users/pierreva/Sites/test7.php on 
>line 2
>line 2 is :
>print "<pre>";
>// log into our local server using the MySQL root user.
>$dbh = mysql_connect( "localhost", "root", "" );
>Pierre Vaudrey

On Mac OS X, /tmp is actually a symlink to /Private/tmp.  They're
essentially the same directory.

Sounds like your MySQL server isn't actually running. Are you able to
connect to it in other ways, such as with the mysql client program?
Apache + PHP + MySQL on Mac OSXPierre Vaudrey7 Aug
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