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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 29 1999 12:29pm
Subject:problems compiling under redhat 6.0
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>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Lazor <osmosis@stripped> writes:

Ed> Hi everyone :)

Ed> I'm running into problems trying to compile MySQL on my system and was
Ed> hoping someone here might be able to help.

Ed> The computer is an AMD K6/2-350 with 256mb of ram.  It has a full install of
Ed> RedHat 6.0 on it.  After I run the ./configure command, I run the make
Ed> command and receive the following error message.  Any ideas?

Ed> -Ed

Ed> item_func.h: In method `Item_func_length::Item_func_length(class Item *)':
Ed> In file included from item.h:304,
Ed>                  from mysql_priv.h:158,
Ed>                  from
Ed> item_func.h:456: Internal compiler error.
Ed> item_func.h:456: Please submit a full bug report to
Ed> `egcs-bugs@stripped'.
Ed> item_func.h:456: See <URL:> for


This has nothing to do with MySQL;  You have to upgrade your compiler
to a newer version and try again!

(This may on the other hand also happens if you got disk full or got
out of memory while compiling...)

problems compiling under redhat 6.0Ed Lazor29 Aug
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