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From:Ed Carp Date:August 6 2002 7:21pm
Subject:Building MySQL clients for Windows
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As some here are aware, we have developed Escapade, which is a server-side scripting
language that is embedded within HTML (ther
than Perl or PHP, which does things the other way around).  Escapade allows one to embed
data from databases into web pages simply
and easily.  Escapade is also free.

That being said, we are having problems with certain client sites running the engine.  It
turns out that, when Escapade tells the
MySQL client library to open a connection to the database, it will crash if MySQL isn't
loaded on the Windows box where Escapade is
running.  Since not everyone wants to load MySQL on the same box, that becomes a problem. 
So, we're trying to figure out the
minimum amount of MySQL that has to be loaded on a Windows box to support a MySQL windows
client talking to a remote MySQL server.

1.  We know we have to have libmysql.dll in the \windows\system32 directory.  Anything
else that needs to be there?
2.  Does MyODBC need to be loaded on the box in order to get it to talk to a remote MySQL
3.  If we link Escapade statically, will that allow us to just drop the Escapade binary on
a box and have it run, or are
    there other libraries and things that need to be done?

Thanks for any support folks can give!
Ed Carp, N7EKG               214/986-5870
Director, Software Development
Escapade Server-Side Scripting Engine Development Team
Pensacola - Dallas - London - Dresden

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Building MySQL clients for WindowsEd Carp6 Aug
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