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From:Gerald Clark Date:August 6 2002 3:12pm
Subject:Re: Problem on win2k
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How can we help you when you did not show us the error?
How us exactly what you are doing, and exactly what messages you get.

I have never heard of PEAR.

Pradeep Dsouza wrote:

>Dear list 
>I have written a large application which i call Edupro which uses 
>PEAR and Mysql as the DB
>Everything was fine till i notied that when 
>i was trying to lock the tables for WRITE access It showed an
>error and the table couldnt be locked 
>Is there something i need to do before i lock a table on Win2k 
>Please help i cannot proceed without the Lock 
>This same code works perfectly fine on 98 
>Does it have some thing to do with the NTFS file system
>i feel it does please tell me how to get around this 
>This iswhat i am doing LOCK tables tablename Write;
>I get an error immedieatley 
>Thanks in Advance
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