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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 29 1999 7:11am
Subject:Re: Repost: Statistics software
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On Sun, 1999-08-29 08:51:48 +0200, Olafur Jakobsson wrote:
> I am moving a database of medical data from Access to a web-based mySQL
> application on a WinNT server. To complete this project I need to find a
> statistics package for the data analysis.
> A previous post did not turn up any answers, but I can't belive I am the
> only one with this scenario. So, what statistics programs are you guys
> using?

I don't need it currently and haven't used them myself in the Windows
versions (only on VM/CMS a long time ago) , but here at the University
of Passau we have both the commercial packages SPSS and SAS.  Both of
them can access data sources via ODBC, so they should work fine with
MySQL, too.

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