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From:John Taylor Date:March 29 1999 10:45pm
Subject:Using unique, and using auto_increment
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I have 2 questions, that did not seem to be answered in the mysql manual.

I have a table that has 3 entries like this:

Year                                varchar(255) not null,
Number                              int unsigned not null,
Minor                               int unsigned,
unique                              (Number)

An example data set would be:
Year = H99
Number = (any # between 0000 and 9999)
         (2000 will probably be the realistic max)
Minor = any # between 1 and 20

The problem is this.  This year a project will have a number

and next year a project will have a number of

This causes a problem, because Number is unique.  Is there a way to group
Year and Number to make one unique entity? So that it checks H99-1234 and

Also, it would be nice to use the AUTO_INCREMENT feature for Number.  How is
this used?  What is the syntax, for an INSERT and for an UPDATE statement?



John Taylor                 Large Scale Distributed Information Systems
System Administrator        Computer Science Dept, University of Georgia
                            (Where our programs are Y1.999K compliant :-)
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