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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 29 1999 1:14am
Subject:Date problem
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>>>>> "Danny" == Danny Arseneau <danny@stripped> writes:

Danny> Hi guys, I hope that someone can help me out here. We are using mysql to
Danny> store various bits of data about activity on our website. For each visit
Danny> to our site we insert some information into a table.

Danny> The table is defined as follows

Danny> table queries
Danny> (
Danny>     query  char(255),
Danny>     querydate date,
Danny>     qtype int,
Danny>     partner char(30)
Danny>     primary key (querydate)
Danny> );

Danny> We use the following insert query

Danny> insert into queries (query, querydate, qtype, partner) values ('XXXXX',
Danny> now(), 1, 'XXXXXX');

Danny> This query is performed approximately 140,000 times a day from 5
Danny> different servers.

Danny> Our problem is that after about 4 days we see about 20 entries where the
Danny> field querydate is set to (0000-00-00).

Danny> Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is there something wrong with our
Danny> setup? What could possibly be causing this to happen?

Danny> We are running mysql-3.22.19 on a Dual Pentium III (550Mhz) with RedHat
Danny> Linux 6.0
Danny> -- 

Danny> Danny Arseneau
Danny> Chief Technology Officer
Danny> Mamma Systems Inc.


Sorry, but this is not a known problem :(

Any change you can run mysqld with --log and try to find one of the
wrong rows in the log to verify this?

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