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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 29 1999 1:11am
Subject:Re: Backup Question
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On Sat, 1999-08-28 17:12:22 +0300, Sinisa Milivojevic wrote:
> Max Zilberman writes:
>  > Is there a way to display sql for a given table in the DB ?
>  > I need to actual sql which will re-create an entire database.
>  > Thanks in advance for  comments.
> Your question is of an opaque nature, but please look at mysqladmin
> command, especially with --opt option.

What Sinisa most probably means is the "mysqldump" program.

   mysqldump --help
for all the possible options.

Max, I guess what you want is as simple as
   mysqldump --opt dbname tablename

Chapter "12.1 Overview of the different MySQL programs" of the MySQL
manual also has a paragraph on mysqldump.

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