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From:Martin Ramsch Date:August 29 1999 12:33am
Subject:Re: i have a problem with mysql,
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On Sun, 1999-09-29 01:13:56 +0200, Benachenhou Sidahmed wrote:
> the problem is that i create two tables entreprise and type that are
> joined by a field so when i must delete an entreprise i must delete
> from type too, so please tell me how to delete from tables that are
> joined, i tried delete from entreprise, type where
>, but it doesn't work [...]

Chapter "18.16 Deleting rows from related tables" of the MySQL manual
describes a work-around for this problem.  It basically says to
1st, find the set of columns you want to delete using a normal
     SELECT statement and store this result set, and
2nd, work with two seperate DELETE statements:
       DELETE FROM table1 WHERE id IN (stored_result_set);
       DELETE FROM table2 WHERE id IN (stored_result_set);

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