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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 28 1999 11:54pm
Subject:Please Help! mysql/php3 bug is getting *worse*
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>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Duggan <matt@stripped> writes:

Matt> Hi everyone, 
Matt> I've got a bit of a strange thing happening at the moment. 

Matt> Details of my installation are:

Matt> OS: Sun Ultra 10 with Fully Patched Solaris 2.6
Matt> MySQL: 3.22.23b
Matt> Php3: 3.0.10


Matt> Things seem to have got worse now however. Doing a simple select on the
Matt> database...

Matt> select sid from slips;

Matt> results in all of the auto-increments being displayed, as you would
Matt> expect.

Matt> However...

Matt> select sid,human_sid from slips; (human_sid is the date based id)

Matt> returns a load of values but some are missing...however doing...

Matt> select human_sid from slips where sid=1663;

Matt> returns the correct result.

Matt> This is driving me mad!!!


Try using:

select sid,human_sid from slips order by sid;

If this doesn't help, take down the server and check your tables with
isamchk. If you find some errors, please consult the MySQL manual what 
to do:

section: What to do if the MySQL server keeps crashing.

Please Help! mysql/php3 bug is getting *worse*Matt Duggan25 Aug
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