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From:Hank Eskin Date:August 28 1999 8:42pm
Subject:Thank you all!
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Hello Everyone,

     I just want to extend a "thank you" to all of you on this list, and
especially everyone directly involved with mySQL..

   Yesterday,  my website,, was featured on the front page
of USA TODAY and the top page/front of the MONEY section.  Obviously, mySQL (and
PHP3) powers the entire site.  You can imaging the amount of traffic the site
took yesterday, and once we doubled the processors and memory, mySQL performed
flawlessly. (with one PIII-450 processor and 128MB, it got bogged down too much
and "went away" a couple of times..).

Without the generous and helpful answers for some of my direct questions, and
lots of lurking on my part, I couldn't have made Where's George? what it is
today (or maybe not as quickly...)

For the text of the USA TODAY article..

Now if we could only get SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT..)  ;)

-Hank Eskin

p.s. If you wish to contact me, please email, since I won't have much time to
read the list for a while! Thanks!

   Track your dollar bills as they travel
           across the country!
          A fun and free website!
            Tell your friends!

Thank you all!Hank Eskin28 Aug
  • Re: Thank you all!Paul DuBois28 Aug