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From:William R. Mussatto Date:July 31 2002 9:52pm
Subject:Re: Automatic timestamping
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On Wed, 31 Jul 2002 FLucchese@stripped wrote:

> Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:49:35 -0300
> From: FLucchese@stripped
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: Automatic timestamping
> Hi all,
> As I'm not very experienced with DB technology, I'm very sorry if my 
> question seems stupid.
> I have set up a MySQL server as a central data repository where various 
> clients are to write and read data concurrently. One of the attrbutes 
> of the tables that are going to be managed by the MySQL is a TIMESTAMP. 
> However, it is important to me that ALL clients use the same time 
> source when they create records onto these tables.
If you have a single timestamp type column in a table and do not assign 
it a value it will be given the server's time when last created or 
updated.  This is exactly what the type is designed to do. 

> My question is: is it possible to use the clock of the MySQL machine as 
> an unique time source for every table update ? I mean, can I simply 
> leave to the MySQL server to automatically fill the TIMESTAMP attribute 
> when new records are inserted ?
> Thnks for any help.
> F> Lucchese
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