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From:Ed Carp Date:July 31 2002 2:44pm
Subject:RE: Backup automation..
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> >> On windows you could simply copy the entire data directory with a
> >> Scheduled job. Copying the files should be all you need to do for
> windows.
> >> For a cleaner, and what most people would say is a better way you could
> >> schedule a batch file to run mysqldump that would dump the data and
> >> structure to a file.
> >> mysqldump info can be found at:
> >>
> >
> >I hope you're shutting down MySQL before you do this.  If yuo're not, your
> "backups" are probably worthless.

sql, query

> Shouldn't it be enough to lock the tables and FLUSH before doing the copy?
> I want to keep read access while doing the backup, and let writes queue
> (i.e. writers will find the database a bit soggy during backups, but read
> work OK and INSERT DELAYED will just be delayed - I hope.

If you can guarantee that writes will not be propagated to the disk, you may be all right.
 You might want to test to make sure you
can ready your backups, though - just in case.

We use mysqldump here for backups - it's fast, gives us ASCII SQL files to look at if
something happens, and compresses well.  I'd
highly recommend using it as opposed to copying the actual disk files around.
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