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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 30 2002 7:53pm
Subject:Re: removing duplicate records
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If the columns are defined as not null, just add a unique index on all 
the fields.
alter table ignore add unique(col1.col2.col#);

walt wrote:

>Does anyone know a good way find and remove duplicate records from a table?
>I can create an identical table structure and use a script to pull records 
>from the existing table and insert them into the new table if they are not 
>duplicates, but I'd rather not do it that way. Here is an example of an sql 
>script  I use for Oracle databases
>delete   from employee a
>where    rowid < (
>select  max(rowid)
>from    employee b
>where   b.COL1 = a.COL1
>and     b.COL2 = a.COL2
>and     b.COL# = a.COL#);
>sql, query
>Thanks in advance!

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