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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 28 1999 8:48am
Subject:Re: FLUSH TABLES: when do I need it?
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Yan> Alternative options for not shutting down mysqld during isamchk have been
Yan> discussed on the mailinglist (but never mentioned in the manual!). This involves
Yan> combining LOCK TABLES and FLUSH TABLES. It appears that the usage and order of
Yan> the two statements may vary, depending upon whether isamchk alters the tables
Yan> or not. I saw questions being asked; some answered by the developers, others
Yan> by regular MySQL experts (like yourself) but without confirmation from the
Yan> developers. My own experiments showed that combining the 2 statements in 
Yan> certain orders can crash mysqld (see my previous posts). 

Yan> That's why I found myself confused, and therefore need help (I'm considering
Yan> for the extended login support, but you know the paper work being involved in
Yan> a company).   Do you have a clear idea to share with me about how to use
Yan> LOCK TABLES and FLUSH TABLES so that one can run isamchk without mysqld down? 

Yan> Thanks very much,
Yan> --Yan


In 3.22.25 and 3.23, you should be able to get away by doing:

isamchk ...

We have not documented this as FLUSH TABLES this didn't work on
previous MySQL versions in all context and we are currently working on
getting myisamchk integrated into mysqld..

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