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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 28 1999 9:22am
Subject:sever has gone away error
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>>>>> "toxalot" == toxalot  <toxalot@stripped> writes:

toxalot> I'm getting this error
toxalot> DBD::mysql::st execute failed: MySQL server has gone away at
toxalot> /opt2/contactc/httpd/cgi-bin/database/db_query.cgi line 981.

toxalot> I've looked up this error in the manual and it gives 3 reasons

toxalot> 1) timeout after 8 hours (which makes no sense in this case, since I just
toxalot> ran a query in the same run of the perl script)

toxalot> 2) Query that is too large (I'm not sure what large means, but i don't
toxalot> think it would apply here)

toxalot> 3) Incorrect query which seems like the answer, but I can't figure out why
toxalot> it is incorrect

toxalot> I can't remember making any changes to the perl script recently and I did
toxalot> have it working.  Now the client is getting this error

toxalot> Here is the select statement that is getting executed in line 981

toxalot> $sql="SELECT MIN(sales),MAX(sales),AVG(sales),SUM(sales) FROM main WHERE
toxalot> pro_id IN  ($FORM{'all_companies'}) AND sales != 0";

toxalot> I don't know what an "incorrect" query means.

An 'incorrect' query is something that kills mysqld :)

If you can make a small reproduceable example that gives you the
error message we can probably come up with a workaround for this problem.

Please post this with the mysqlbug script so that we can check with
MySQL version you are using!

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