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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 28 1999 9:44am
Subject:Process List
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Moon <brian@stripped> writes:

Brian> Last night our mysql server ate up all the CPU on our machine.  A
Brian> processlist revealed about 90 processes with a status of 'statistics'.  What
Brian> does that status mean?  I assume it means that mysqladmin status or
Brian> mysqladmin extended-status is being run.  That could be.  Is that what it
Brian> means, and why did it hoe mysql.  I gave it 30 minutes to work it out and
Brian> then had to kill the process.


'statistics' means that MySQL is in the join optimizer;  This may take
a long time if you have MANY tables in a query and no proper indexes.

Please repost with mysqlbug script + a full example of your problem,


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