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From:Gerald Clark Date:July 26 2002 3:06pm
Subject:Re: Fw: Complex SQL assistance
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SQL does not exist in a vacuum.
You have to run a client.
The client is part of or runs under some scripting language ( perl , 
php, sh, )
which in turn runs on an operating system.
You have to somehow pass values that you want to select, update, or insert.
So it really not possible to run JUST SQL.
What are you using?

Corey Wallis wrote:

>I'm currently trying to work out if this is possible by SQL. I have the need
>to use SQL and only SQL to achieve the following.
>If a record exists and meets a certain criteria (i.e. field X = '1234') then
>update the record. If the record doesn't exist then insert it.
>For reasons too complex to go into at this stage using anything except SQL
>is not possible.
>Any and all suggestions welcome.
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