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From:Dan Nelson Date:July 26 2002 2:47am
Subject:Re: 32 key max in InnoDB
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In the last episode (Jul 25), speters@stripped said:
> what sthe deal with having max 32 keys in InnoDB tables in MySQL?
> the is ABSOLUTELY NO documentation  i can find anywhere that states
> anything about a 32 key max in InnoDB tables.
> Please,  Please, Please, Please, Please,  Please, Please, Please
> point me at some documentation about this

   Scalability and Limits
          + Up to 32 indexes per table are allowed. Each index may
            consist of 1 to 16 columns or parts of columns. The maximum
            index width is 500 bytes (this may be changed when
            compiling MySQL Server). An index may use a prefix of a
            CHAR or VARCHAR field.

	Dan Nelson
32 key max in InnoDBspeters25 Jul
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